11The forum recognizes that many different organizations can make a collectively significant difference to the long-term management of the coast and aims to gain commitment from these to a common vision.

This strategy is based around the achievement of this vision by 2050.

  • The coast to be a richer and more diverse natural, historic, cultural and economic environment for its communities and visitors, today and in the future.
  • The coastal landscapes to remain as inspiring, and at least as beautiful, and diverse as they are now. Natural processes continue to drive the evolution of the coast.
  • Vibrant coastal towns of a high quality appearance with enhanced local culture and heritage.
  • A high quality coastline is a leading feature of coastal tourism with an unspoiled environment and excellent services to visitors.
  • An integrated working partnership between local people, business and coastal managers.
  • Prudent intervention based upon cost effective, environmentally acceptable, technically sound and sustainable development, in the interests of all stakeholders.