13The forum brings together many stakeholders and agencies with responsibility for managing different parts of our coast to facilitate co-ordination and ensure an integrated approach is taken in the management of our coast.

The forum aims to provide a vision for the coast and outline the actions the Forum and stakeholders need to adopt to achieve that vision.

Principles, which build on well-accepted international and national principles for coastal and marine management, are established to guide decision making in the long-term interests.

Actions to achieve the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coastal Forum vision are based around 9 priorities of equal importance. The priorities draw together issues, which are aspirations of a wide range of stakeholders. This allows an integrated approach to be put forward.

The implementation of the Forums strategy and associated action plan will ensure that the people of North Yorkshire and Cleveland (NY & C) can have confidence in the knowledge that their use and continued enjoyment of our coastal environment will not be compromised.

The legacy will be an enhanced and sustainable coastal and marine environment.

Download the Coastal Forum Strategy 2012.