Core issues

  • 1Build Environment and Heritage encompassing the protection of cultural and archaeological issues as well as maritime built heritage;
  • Coastal Defence including the need to take account of areas of flood risk and changing approaches to coastal defence which reflect current ideas about best practice and the challenges of climate change;
  • Coastal Dynamics covering processes of natural change in the coastline and associated issues of coastal erosion and land instability;
  • Coastal Pollution ranging from water, sediment and air quality to issues of light and noise pollution and concern about public health;
  • Fisheries including the protection of coastal fisheries and potential aquaculture developments;
  • Biodiversity and Nature Conservation encompassing the protection of designated sites (including those of geological, geomorphological and palaeontological interest) and species and the protection and appropriate enhancement of biodiversity;
  • Landscape covering issues of landscape and cultural heritage, countryside character and landscape and seascape quality;
  • Coast-related Development highlighting the particular needs of development requiring a coastal location such as ports and maritime industry, energy generation including renewable energy, etc;
  • Mineral Extraction both offshore and onshore;
  • Tourism and Recreation encompassing established and new tourism dimensions and formal and informal recreation;
  • Regeneration of declining coastal communities including the physical regeneration of derelict areas; and,
  • Transport and Accessibility recognising the critical role of ports and the need for associated transport links as well as issues of public access to the coast.