coastal-forum-default-logoThis is the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coastal Forum Website.

The North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coastal Forum was formed in July 2002 to give everyone with an interest in the management of the coast the opportunity to discuss key issues, and to guide and shape future policies and actions.

The full forum meets once a year. The Forum covers the coast from Saltburn in the North to Speeton in the South.

The Forum recognises that increasingly, the strategies and agendas of the different groups that have an interest in the coast, are interrelated.

10These issues include climate change, coastal defence, sustainable fisheries, tourism and recreation, bathing water quality, pollution, transport, heritage protection, habitat management, landscape issues, development pressure, and renewable energies all of which are discussed and presented at the full Forum meetings.

There are many published documents on the various approaches to managing the complex issues facing the coast. Until now, no formal mechanism has been available to draw together and integrate all of the various agencies, authorities, residents, communities, holiday providers etc, to develop a consensus of opinion on coastal management and it’s outcomes.

The North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coastal Forum aims to guide this process and to be the “springboard” to ensure that it is achieved.