Thursday September 12th saw the annual North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coastal Forum conference take place at Scarborough Spa. Over 50 delegates attended the conference and heard from various different speakers from organisations working hard to make our coastline better for the future.

Forum members at Marine Drive site

Forum members at Marine Drive site

A presentation, demonstration and opportunity to take part in Sand Art featured throughout the day with Andy Moss from Bradford based company ‘Sand in Your Eye’ telling us about schemes that he’s been involved with throughout the UK. Following lunch around 20 members helped to sculpt some environmental art on the beach along with a birthday message for the Coastal Forum. Whilst the sand artists worked on the beach 10 members visited the waste water treatment works on the Marine Drive in Scarborough. Huge storm water tanks are being built there to ensure the sewage infrastructure doesn’t overflow in stormy conditions and members saw the construction work taking place close up after several briefings on health and safety and donning hi vis vests and safety boots.


Sculpting Sand Dolphins

All in all the day was a great success and enjoyed by all. The main aim of the Coastal Forum is to ensure that members are aware of projects taking place on the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coast and exploring opportunities for joint working and understanding of coastal schemes. The Coastal Forum works towards implementing the national and international policy of integrated coastal zone management [ICZM].

For further information on ICZM

John Beech, Coastal Projects Officer, North Yorkshire & Cleveland


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